Wednesday, November 9, 2011

National Art Gallery (National Museum of the Philippines)

Last month was my first time to visit the National Art Gallery.  Before, I didn't know that the National Museum has two buildings -- the Museum of the Filipino People (located at the old Department of Finance bldg), and the National Art Gallery (located at the old Legislative bldg). Note that these are two adjacent buildings.

You can find inside the National Art Gallery collection of art works from our National Artists and other notable artists of our country.  On the first gallery, the Hall of the Masters (the works of Felix Hidalgo and Juan Luna), you can find one of the most well-known paintings here in our country, the Spoliarium by Juan Luna. It is so huge that it makes the spotlight of the National Art Gallery.

There are a lot of galleries located on the two floors of the museum and some are still under renovations to display more art works. The other galleries showcase the works of Rizal, Botong Francisco and Amorsolo, among others. 

The entrance is still free and if you have time please do check this museum to see the works of great Filipino artists.

Below are some photos.
Front of the National Art Gallery (the Old Legislative Building)

A View of the Clock Tower of the Manila City Hall from the National Art Gallery building

Spoliarium by Juan Luna

Felix Hidalgo's painting

Amorsolo's painting tools with an unfinished work

Sperm Whale Bones

Old Retablo of Dimiao Church, Bohol

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