Monday, January 24, 2011


President Aquino announced that he will appoint former Sen. Manuel Roxas, his running mate last 2010 election, as government's chief adviser and "troubleshooter." The president's justification for this appointment was that he is not Superman and he cannot run the government alone. So what is the use of his cabinet? I thought he appointed his cabinet members to help and advise him. Kulang pa ba? In the first place, he should not run for president if he needs Roxas for the reason that he is not Superman. I don't think that if Roxas was the one who ran for president and won, he will need Noynoy to become his troubleshooter.

Some say Noynoy should ask help from Binay instead because he is the vice-president. Well that is not correct if the only reason is because he's the vice-president. In our presidential system, the Vice President is not the assistant of the president, he is just the president-in-waiting, the first in line in case of succession. His prime responsibility is to replace the president in case of death, resignation or incapacity. In other words, he has really no real function unless the President appoints him in his cabinet. Kaya nga it is a practice in our country to appoint his vice president with a position to the cabinet. Kaya nga it has also been said that the vice-president is the most boring position...

NEVERTHELESS, the President has his cabinet. Kaya nga the president appointed secretaries to different executive departments and head of some minor agencies to help and advise him to different matters concerning their respective departments. Collectively, they are known as the Cabinet.

So again, Roxas being troubleshooter by June this year I BELIEVE IS NOT NECESSARY. Anong silbi ng cabinet? Kaya some sectors in our country do not want Aquino to appoint Roxas as troubleshooter but instead to appoint him in an existing cabinet position that have a defined parameters of power. Kulang pa ba ang cast ng pelikula, kaya kailangan pa mag-create ng isang character. Being a chief adviser/troubleshooter is an additional position that needs to be created that the duties are undefined and it seems to have a power as vast as the president.

If Roxas is not a replacement of Ochoa in June, then it seems that we will have two Executive Secretaries, and remember Executive Secretary is the "Little President" the alter-ego of the President. ES possesses great power 'almost' the same as the president.

Come to think of it, by June, perhaps we will have two executive secretaries or perhaps TWO PRESIDENTS, a "de facto" president and a "de jure" president, since the de jure one "seems" to be "incompetent."