Saturday, November 28, 2009

ABS-CBN—Biased News

Until now, ABS-CBN still shows inclination to one side specially when it comes to politics. Last night I watched TV Patrol, and when the news was about the administration (government), I caught how Karen Davila's facial expression when she delivered the news. (See the video in youtube: ). It seems that she does not believe what the administration is saying.

Another thing, when it comes to the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino, it seems that ABS-CBN are promoting his candidacy. One thing I noticed when ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya was distributing relief goods to the typhoon's victims, they are all wearing yellow and the plastic bags are in yellow, the color of Aquino, but not by ABS-CBN.


Monday, November 23, 2009


I just watched Isang Tanong: The GMA Presidential Forum (GMA 7) where the presidentiables for the 2010 Election answered one question each from GMA newscasters, either from the academe or GMA Network's partners in 2010, and from the public through "youtube style" video, and one common question from Efren Penaflorida (2009 CNN Hero of the Year). The presidentiables attended the forum were:

Bayani Fernando
Benigno Aquino III
Gilbert Teodoro
JC De los Reyes
Joseph Estrada
Nicanor Perlas
Manny Villar
Eddie Villanueva

I was impressed with the answers of Bayani Fernando, Gilbert Teodoro; some answers of JC De los Reyes and Eddie Villanueva, a little of Estrada's answers and Villar's, and Perlas'. I just did not understand the answers of Noynoy because he answered so fast (medyo nabubulol). Bayani's and Gibo's answers were straight, with substance, and not safe. Also there were funny answers like when Erap was asked kung ano ang mga mali nyang ginawa nung naging presidente siya na hindi niya gagawin if elected again, and Erap said, wala siyang maisip na ginawa niyang pagkakamali, the answer and the way he answer were funny. Also with Bayani to the question Kung paano maging bayani? He said, nun pinangalanan siya ng tatay niya na Bayani.

Watch for the Part II of Isang Tanong: The GMA Presidential Forum on November 29, 2009 at around 10:30 p.m.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


As things become clearer on who will be running for presidency next year, I have decided to go for Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro. He is, I think, the only candidate that has a firm stand on every issue. Everytime he answers questions or everytime he speaks, mapapahanga ka talaga. He expresses his ideas, plans, etc. eloquently, a very good speaker.

In one program (Probe) where he was asked what he will do when he gets elected kung may mga kasong isampa kay PGMA, his answer, hindi siya mangingi-alam sa kaso kasi ang judicial branch ng government ang bahala dito, at ang presidente ay nasa executive branch, kaya hindi dapat makisawsaw ang bagong presidente sa anumang kaso na dapat ang judicial branch ang humawak (kung baga, let the wheel of justice takes its course). This is a smart answer, kaya for other candidates who keep on saying that they promise to prosecute GMA when they get elected, are you running for a judicial position to decide the case of GMA?

Now, I am going to post an article about Gibo taken from Facebook. For those who believe that Gibo will be a good president for our country, you can join "Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro for President Movement" group in Facebook or visit

By: Mike Loyola

Defense Secretary Gilbert C. Tedoro, Jr. has shown qualities, qualifications and character that separate him from the rest of the aspirants for the presidency in 2010. While he was borne and raised from an affluent family, Gibo, as he is fondly called by relatives and friends, never boasted his social stature but instead manifested humility and kindness to all that have come to know him from childhood to these days.

Gibo gave great importance and value to education, hardwork, self-discipline and respect to others regardless of status as primary yardsticks in measuring his actions all his life.
He graduated Law at the University of the Philippines and eventually topped the Bar Examinations. He went to Harvard University for his Masters of Law and became a legal associate of the best known living lawyer of the land, former Justice Secretary and Solicitor-General Estelito Mendoza, where he had undergone training and honed his skills and knowledge in the intricacies of the legal profession.

He joined public service when he was first elected Congressman of the 1st District of Tarlac in 1998 and served three (3) successive terms for nine (9) years. He was the leader of the so called “Bright Boys of Congress” that included Chiz Escudero and Allan Cayetano now Senators of the land, which was the counterpart of the so called “Spice Boys of Congress” that included Migz Zubiri also a Senator now, Nonoy Andaya the incumbent Budget Secretary and Mike Defensor the notorious nemesis of NBN-ZTE whistle-blower Jun Lozada.

Unlike his colleagues in Congress who flaunted everything they do in the media (including Mike Defensor’s intervention for some suspected pick-girls in Quezon City who were apprehended by the police), Gibo who got high regards even from senior leaders and members of Congress, remained humble and quiet all through his nine (9) years in the House of Representatives. He was not afraid to stand on unpopular issues for as long as he believed them to be right and just such as, going against the impeachment of PGMA and supporting Charter Change that will reform the political system and institutions towards a parliamentary form of government.
Gibo is the youngest ever appointed Secretary of National Defense at forty-three (43) years old in August, 2007. But his youthfulness was never a liability but more of an asset for the Defense Department and the military establishment. He has introduced programs and reforms to address the serious concerns and inherent problems of the institution. He now commands highest respect and regard from the top-ranking officers to the lowliest enlisted man in the AFP.
He is not a hypocrite and ingrate, but instead has shown courage, loyalty and humility to announce that he will only run for President if he is chosen as the administration candidate; meaning, getting the endorsement of the very unpopular GMA which would be a “kiss of death” according to the opposition and many political analysts.

Gibo also showed independence of mind, upheld the importance of delicadeza, and invoked the importance of public service over and above personal, family and poliical interests when he severed ties with his own political party, the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), whose benefactor is his own uncle Eduardo “Danding Cojuangco, Jr. and members include Senators Chiz Escudero and Loren Legarda, both aspiring presidentiables who declared themselves in public as oppositionists despite the fact that the benefactor and other leaders of NPC are known supporters and allies of PGMA, a very absurd and confusing political arrangement that does no benefit to our people at all but only to them.

All his experiences, training and background are more than enough to outclass the other political leaders who aspire for the presidency. But most important of all, Gibo Teodoro has the right character of a leader who can lead this nation into greatness and provide better lives to our people, a dream that never happened under previous administrations and Presidents. Such a dream would again be frustrated if the people commit the grave mistake of choosing someone because of his/her popularity enhanced by media projection and advertising promotions. Among the present presidential wannabes, other than GIBO, I say NOTA (None of the Above) can make our people’s dream a reality!
GO GO GIBO in 2010!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

PLDT Watchpad Failed

Last week, when I learned that PLDT will have the Pacquiao-Cotto fight in their new PLDT watchpad, I registered immediately as it would only be available for those PLDT myDSL subscribers who would register before November 7, 2009. I downloaded all the necessary softwares so it would be ready for today's fight of Pacquiao; moreover I tested the watchpad days before.

I woke up today at around 7:30am to set up my PC as the fight will be shown at 9:00am. But as expected by many subscribers, there had been too many technical problems experienced earlier this morning. When it was already 8:00am, I could not connect with the watchpad, although my internet connection was, at that time, running smoothly. I checked one forum site to check if some subscribers also experienced some problem, truly there were people in that forum complaining. I called 171 and after 50 minutes I was able to speak with the CSR. The CSR told me that they were resetting something to have a better streaming and it would be solved before 10am.

After several attempts to connect with the watchpad, nakapasok ako at may streaming na ng fight (undercards) but the buffering would take 15 minutes to 30 minutes, and sometimes ma-didisconnect ako sa watchpad. Nun main fight na, hindi na ako nakabalik sa connection. Yun replay na nalng nung fight ni Pacquiao around 1:00 pm smooth na connection, tuloy-tuloy na.

Maraming subscribers pala ang nakaranas nito kahit yun dsl plan nila ay 1299 or higher. It was a total failure for PLDT again, lagi na lang may problema sa DSL nila, although this watchpad is an extra service, but they advertised that they will bring the fight live, and they are upgrading their system for this, at they have this condition na dapat mag-register before November 7 to see the fight, kayo yun mga subscribers nag-register before that time, yun iba nga siguro hindi na pumunta sa mga sinehan or bars o san pa man, dahil alam nila na meron sa PLDT watchpad.

PLDT should have anticipated the number of subscribers na manonood nito, alam naman nila kun ilan ang subscribers nila, at kun ilan dito ang nag-register sa watchpad before Nov 7. Kahit saan talaga ang PLDT pag may problema ang phone line and/or dsl, hindi agad maaksyonan. Kung mawawala and dial tone mo, asahan natin na linggo ang lilipas bago ma-restore ito uli, at pagtumawag ka sa 171, laging sagot, ginawan na po namin ng report, or minsan ina-upgrade lang po namin ang system, kaya ganun...

Eto pa, yun PLDT 171 hindi 24 hours, matagal na nga maka-contact hindi pa 24/7 , yun technical prob lang ang 24/7. Pero kahit 24/7, kun gabi na or madaling araw ka tumawag, wala rin magawa, kinabukasan pa ma-en-endorse.

Eto pa isa pa, yun mga business offices nila. One time pumunta ako sa PLDT megamall, dahil hanggang 8pm sila or minsan 9pm sila, expected ko pwede ka pa mag inquire sa customer service nila or pwede pa ang bills payment before 8pm or 9pm. Dumating ako ng 7pm dun, hindi na ako pinapasok ng card, wala daw transaction tinatapos na lang nila yun mga tao sa loob, what I thought 8am ang close or 9 pa, pero 7pm hindi ka na pwede magbayad or pumunta sa customer service nila... ganito rin sa SM North, at sa SM Cubao pldt business offices.

TO PLDT, please improve your services to your subscribers., masyadong low ang customer service niyo...