Sunday, November 15, 2009

PLDT Watchpad Failed

Last week, when I learned that PLDT will have the Pacquiao-Cotto fight in their new PLDT watchpad, I registered immediately as it would only be available for those PLDT myDSL subscribers who would register before November 7, 2009. I downloaded all the necessary softwares so it would be ready for today's fight of Pacquiao; moreover I tested the watchpad days before.

I woke up today at around 7:30am to set up my PC as the fight will be shown at 9:00am. But as expected by many subscribers, there had been too many technical problems experienced earlier this morning. When it was already 8:00am, I could not connect with the watchpad, although my internet connection was, at that time, running smoothly. I checked one forum site to check if some subscribers also experienced some problem, truly there were people in that forum complaining. I called 171 and after 50 minutes I was able to speak with the CSR. The CSR told me that they were resetting something to have a better streaming and it would be solved before 10am.

After several attempts to connect with the watchpad, nakapasok ako at may streaming na ng fight (undercards) but the buffering would take 15 minutes to 30 minutes, and sometimes ma-didisconnect ako sa watchpad. Nun main fight na, hindi na ako nakabalik sa connection. Yun replay na nalng nung fight ni Pacquiao around 1:00 pm smooth na connection, tuloy-tuloy na.

Maraming subscribers pala ang nakaranas nito kahit yun dsl plan nila ay 1299 or higher. It was a total failure for PLDT again, lagi na lang may problema sa DSL nila, although this watchpad is an extra service, but they advertised that they will bring the fight live, and they are upgrading their system for this, at they have this condition na dapat mag-register before November 7 to see the fight, kayo yun mga subscribers nag-register before that time, yun iba nga siguro hindi na pumunta sa mga sinehan or bars o san pa man, dahil alam nila na meron sa PLDT watchpad.

PLDT should have anticipated the number of subscribers na manonood nito, alam naman nila kun ilan ang subscribers nila, at kun ilan dito ang nag-register sa watchpad before Nov 7. Kahit saan talaga ang PLDT pag may problema ang phone line and/or dsl, hindi agad maaksyonan. Kung mawawala and dial tone mo, asahan natin na linggo ang lilipas bago ma-restore ito uli, at pagtumawag ka sa 171, laging sagot, ginawan na po namin ng report, or minsan ina-upgrade lang po namin ang system, kaya ganun...

Eto pa, yun PLDT 171 hindi 24 hours, matagal na nga maka-contact hindi pa 24/7 , yun technical prob lang ang 24/7. Pero kahit 24/7, kun gabi na or madaling araw ka tumawag, wala rin magawa, kinabukasan pa ma-en-endorse.

Eto pa isa pa, yun mga business offices nila. One time pumunta ako sa PLDT megamall, dahil hanggang 8pm sila or minsan 9pm sila, expected ko pwede ka pa mag inquire sa customer service nila or pwede pa ang bills payment before 8pm or 9pm. Dumating ako ng 7pm dun, hindi na ako pinapasok ng card, wala daw transaction tinatapos na lang nila yun mga tao sa loob, what I thought 8am ang close or 9 pa, pero 7pm hindi ka na pwede magbayad or pumunta sa customer service nila... ganito rin sa SM North, at sa SM Cubao pldt business offices.

TO PLDT, please improve your services to your subscribers., masyadong low ang customer service niyo...


  1. totally agree with you buddy, The PLDT Customer Service sucks!!!! soooooooooo bad that it my head hurts when my ISP is down, and mind you buddy, the CSR of PLDT are only good on Phone conversations, they always say "sorry", but the actions were damn slowpoke so disappointing. I'm dying to have a new ISP but what the heck, PLDT practically owns most of the ISPs here.. suck downluck tsk!

  2. Yeah you are right , in the morning I really can't log in! duh! What the heck, I can only view the chat in myview! no video at all, but fortunately with me, I read in the chat box that it is also aired in History channel and the other 2 (i think)channels? so i tried and yeah boy! At round 3 Pacman fight is right in front of my eyes! ola! i am so happy then, Thanks to Pldt at least, I am not that disappointed with this watchpad.

  3. Why i cant Register.. it say for residential use only but im in residential

  4. Ako nga din po hindi maka-register eh...... Sabi daw "For residential Use only" pero residential nmn aq??