Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making Money Online

Have you earned a dollar just by using the internet?

I did... earlier this year, I joined Ciao, an online community that reviews and rates products for the consumers. I made a payout of $20.00 in two months of making reviews and rating other members' reviews. Unfortunately, Ciao restricted this kind of "paid-to-review" thing to some Asian countries, including the Philippines, because of abuse, like creating nonsense reviews, plagiarism, giving unreasonable ratings, or anything that cannot help consumers, which , in the first place, not coherent to the purpose of Ciao. Too bad, I was one of the decent members of this online community, hehe..

I tried also Neobux, Adverbux, and Dneero. These are PTC/sites (paid-to-click) which pay members by clicking or viewing ads. In the case of Dneero, they pay you by answering surveys and posting these surveys to your own sites or blogs, like Blogger.

Now, I don't know if these PTC sites or other PTC sites are just scams, maybe some, but as long as there are no fees for you to able to join these sites, or you are not required to give too much personal information, then why don't give it a try if your life is not so busy, and you spend most of your time in the net surfing some useless stuff. (By the way, I recently made a payout in Neobux, $5, and the payment is already in my PayPal account).

If you are interested in this thing, or already engaging with some PTC sites, you may check the net for some guidelines, or be aware of some PTC scams, before joining this kind of hobby.

I googled some helpful sites with regard to PTC, which give reviews to some PTC sites, its pros and cons, serve as guidelines so you will not be fraud. These are:

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